Market Forum2015



We are delighted to announce our 10th annual ‘Market Forum’ being held on the 28th of October at the 4th floor hall of the Otemachi Sankei Plaza.
Due to several economic announcements scheduled around this time, this year’s forum will be held on a Wednesday rather than the usual Friday night.
We are proud to announce that this will be our 10 year anniversary, since changing our organization name to ‘Market Forum’ in 2005.
From 2008, we were able to grow this event from humble beginnings, to hosting a large number of participants thanks to our wonderful friends and sponsors. For this we are extremely grateful, and hope that our partnerships with our sponsors prosper for not only this year’s event, but many more to come.
We look forward to meeting all participants – both old and new – for this years ‘Market Forum 2015’.
Please see below the details for this years ‘Market Forum’ event

Date: 28th October 2015
Time: 17:30 Doors Open
17:45 – 18:15 Mr Kozo Yamamoto (Member of the House of Representatives LDP)
18:30 Doors Close
100 – 0004
4F Hall Sunkei Plaza Otemachi 1-7-2
Tel: 03 3273 2257
Entrance Fee JPY3, 000

Please see below the link which will direct you to the application page



[Application Flow]
• Enter the necessary information in the form
• Temporary registration email will be sent to the registered Email Address
• Once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation Email within a few days
*** If you haven’t received the confirmation Email within a few days, please contact the email address below.
(If using a mobile device to please add the above email to your address list)

As with every year, there will be various Traders, IT professionals, Systems professionals and Media professionals present. We welcome you to invite your friends and acquaintances that may be interested to join this event.
This year there will be a maximum capacity of 500 attendees, in case we reach maximum capacity please register ASAP to reserve your spot.
On the attendees list, there will simply be your name and company listed so please rest assured that any personal information will not be present.
Images of the event will be available on the website for a limited amount of time.
If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at Marketforum@marketforum.jp

NPO Market Forum Representatives
Chairman – Kentaro Shida
Vice Chairman – Tomohiro Toyoda
Vice Chairman – Koichiro Shin
Director – Michael Ross
Director – Nobuhiro Miura
Director – Kentaro Sugiura
Director – Tomoya Okamura
Director – Yasukuni Matsumoto
Director – Satoshi Uemi
Auditor – Masonori Hoshina
Advisor – Tetsuya Kudo
Advisor – Kazuhara Izumi